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Sippy Mango Colada Fruit Drink

This exquisitely pressed and strained drink is a delicious delight which will make your taste buds experience the sweetness and royalty of the juiciest mangoes and coconut.

Sippy mango Fruit Drink

The rich and heavenly sweetness of mangoes is brought to you in the lusciousness of this drink. Energize your vitals with a juicy punch.

Sippy Red Grapes Fruit Drink

A heavenly gulp of the most exotic tasting red grapes in just what you need to keep invigorated.

Sippy Red anaar Fruit Drink

The abundance of tanginess yet sweetness of pomegranate is what this drink brings to your taste buds with every sip.

Sippy Apple Fruit Drink

The tastiness of apples infused into a light and tempting drink is the perfect way to keep yourself energized.

Sippy tropical Fruit Drink

Taste the sweetness of mangoes nd guavas with the tanginess of kinnow, a delicious blend for you to enjoy and share with others.